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Luke Selway 
Co-Founder & Coach

BSc Sport & Exercise Science

BSc Honours Neuromechanics

Advanced Sports Massage

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My Story

Luke has been involved in the fitness industry for over 5 years, working with a range of athletes and individuals including special olympics basketball and powerlifting, ultra marathon competitors, team sport athletes and internationally competitive powerlifters.

After completing his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science he went on to study sports massage and then for his Honors Dissertation he completed research about the neuromuscular response to pressure applied to muscles.


Luke has competed in powerlifting to a national level and has been involved with team sports and martial arts since his early teens. He sees physical training as a process through which to develop and practice skills and traits which transfer beyond the weight room into other areas of our lives. 


Many of the struggles and triumphs of physical training are analogous to those we experience day to day.


Having been involved in various levels of coaching, rehabilitation and conducting research itself, Luke has a broad understanding and appreciation for how to integrate experience, scientific literature and an individual athlete's needs into a comprehensive approach to coaching.


Working with Luke is like grabbing coffee with a friend and talking about “that thing they nerd out on”. 


“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.”

― C.G. Jung

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"I started training with Luke as I needed some extra motivation to help get back into regular exercise. Luke was able to get me to push myself that bit further and achieve more than I expected. 

Luke is great at creating fun and varied workouts which are often focused around a specific event I am training for while still incorporating overall strength and flexibility segments. 

I have always found Luke is more than happy to adapt sessions at the last minute to cater to how I feel and ensure I get the most out of every session.

I really enjoy training with Luke and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone."

- Emily, 37

"I have been working with Luke for almost two months, and it has been a great experience so far! I came to Just Workout with the hopes of losing a substantial amount of weight, and through body weight training and high-intensity workouts, I have already lost several pounds!" 

"In the past, I attended other gyms, in which I was given training plans, but they were never effective due to lack of proper teaching. However, Luke has spent a great amount of time ensuring I properly learn the exercises through both him demonstrating the correct form and answering any questions I may have. Personally, I learn through repetition, and regardless of how long it takes for me to get something down, Luke only shows patience and understanding. Furthermore, he makes an effort to explain things in a way that I easily understand. Above all else, I love that every week I feel like I am making progress towards losing weight, and I now genuinely enjoy working out! I would highly recommend working with Luke to anyone, especially if one is interested in losing weight through weight training and high-intensity workouts." 

- Odysse, 22


"I have been training with Luke for about 3 months ago after almost 6 months of not doing any serious training. I was a bit hesitant to start at first as I knew I would have to start at the bottom again but Luke has made it much easier than I thought it would be, 

He's helped correct a lot of my form and techniques and my weights are starting to get back to where they were. I have no doubt I will soon be lifting heavier and a lot better than I have before. 

The workouts are always tough but enjoyable and Luke always has plenty of knowledge to share and is happy to answer any questions I have and work on any niggles or injuries I may have. I am really glad to have found Luke and will training with him for as long as I can."

- Ethan, 28

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