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Holly Ewens-Smith

Qualifications & Experience:

  • BSR (Bachelor of Sport and Recreation)

       Majoring in Exercise Science

  • Personal Trainer / Coach 10+ years

  • Competitive Powerlifter National Level

  • Gym Manager


  • Walked 100,000 steps for Gum boot Friday to fundraise for mental health services for I am hope

  • 3x years co-ordinating sucessful pain management programmes

  • Achieved goal of competing at NZPF Nationals whilst managing endometriosis & rehabbing a back injury

Special Interests:

  • Disordered Eating

  • Endometriosis & Pain Management

  • Coaching Lifestyle Clients & Competitive Powerlifters

  • Instagram

Contact Details


IG: @holly_barbellandbeyond   



"Holly and I have trained together now for the last 8 months. Holly likes to establish what your goal is and where you want to be. I can say that I have a lot of trust and faith with Holly when it comes to training with her experience, knowledge and overall patience, I feel that it is key when it comes to PT/coaching someone.


Holly adapts to you on the day, she is always open to hear what is up and what is happening with you to ensure that your set is safe and your form is on point. Holly gives feedback when needed, and nothing is a dumb question, trust me I ask plenty. I have trained with different trainers through the my gym lifetime.


I can say that Holly is one the top people I've trained with without a doubt, there is nothing more exciting is when you reach your goals with a high five at the end" - Tamara Gibbison

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