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First Intake:

Monday 3rd June 2024

*Spaces are strictly limited


6 Months


In depth Powerlifting & Business Coaching

13 Fortnightly Mentoring Meetings (Live + recorded)
26 Weekly task with accountability (actionable tasks for both coaching & business skills)
Ongoing troubleshooting, sound boarding & support (via emails, messages, calls etc.)

& Guest Speakers

Mentor: Carli Dillen

There is no one in the world with the same combination of knowledge and experience;

Graduating top of her class with every scholarship under the sun from the University of
Auckland, with a BSc with first class honours, in Sport and Exercise Science ,Physiology and a
specialisation in Movement Neuroscience, Carli was a multiple gym and business owner,
multiple time World Champion in not one but two different sports, competing at world champs
level for 20 years. She is a full time online powerlifting coach to athletes of all ages, abilities,
male and female, traveling around NZ and the world for Powerlifting coaching and competing.

Guest Speakers;
Luke Selway (full time online coach)
Rochene Hawley (full time business mentor)


1. Complete application form
2. Have an interview call with Carli
3. Read / watch foundation material prior to start date
4. 3rd June hit the ground running
5. December 2024, complete Mentorship

Start your 2025 year with all the skills, knowledge & systems to work confidently in person or
online or as a Powerlifting Coach, providing a highly quality authentic service to your athletes,
with sustainable, robust business practices.
Continue your Powerlifting Coaching Career with a full understanding of coaching &
programming for recreational & competitive powerlifters. Build an enjoyable, sustainable,
income generating business.



Weekly / fortnightly / month payment options available

Show us your commitment:
*First 5 successful applicants, receive $1000 discount
*First 10 successful applicants, receive lifetime membership, updates and ongoing support


Mentorship Completion:
- Certificate of completion
- Eligibility to apply for a coaching position with Barbell and Beyond


Personal trainers or strength & conditioning coaches who have found Powerlifting
and absolutely love it, and are now wanting to specialise in coaching athletes in the sport
of Powerlifting or in the squat, bench and deadlift.

- Existing Powerlifting or online coaches who are already coaching, but not earning
enough to do or sustain what they live and are wanting to build a sustainable business
and earn more.

- Existing Powerlifting coaches wanted to expand and develop their knowledge in
specialised topics such as the growing number of female athletes, many of whom will
experience seasons like pregnancy and postpartum and all of whom will experience
perimenopause and menopause.

- Existing Powerlifting coaches who work as solopreneurs and want to be part of a
supportive and progressive community, with support structures around them.


- Powerlifting coaches applying to work for Barbell and Beyond and be part of a
progressive and collaborative team, pushing the standard of online coaching to higher
and more sustainable levels.

- Athletes who want to have as thorough an understanding as possible of all things
relating to the sport of Powerlifting.

Content Covered:


- The Sport of Powerlifting (overview, federations, rules etc.)
- Technique (Squat, bench, deadlift, assistance lifts, accessories, mobility exercises etc)
- Programming (structure, exercise selection, deloads, tapers, block lengths, reactive
versus proactive, %, RPE, VBT etc)
- Competing (pre, during and post competition considerations)
- Sport Psychology (intensity-arousal regulation, focus and confidence, self talk, motor
imagery etc).
- Injuries in Powerlifting (frame work, strategies, mental aspects etc)
- Females in Powerlifting (Pelvic floor considerations, menstrual cycle, RED-S,
endometriosis, pregnancy & postpartum, perimenopause, menopause etc)
- Special populations: Special Olympics, paralympic and adaptive athletes
- Nutrition & lifestyle considerations for Powerlifting
- National & International travel considerations

Not covered:
- Untested Powerlifting / PEDs
- Equipped powerlifting
- Fundamental physiology & anatomy, this is assumed knowledge (primer texts /
recommended reading provided)



- Business set up & structure
- Online and in person coaching considerations
- Coaching & Programming Communication / Delivery Methods
- Coaching Ethics
- Sales & marketing
- Reporting & retention
- Finances & Budgeting
- Systems & Processes to Scale / Earn more Money
- The Coach & Athlete Relationship
- Multiple lead generation strategies
- Diversifying income streams


Not covered:
- This mentorship does not replace the advice of a professional accountant or financial

Content / Learning Style

While I have previously taught at University level, this course is not about reading tonnes of
literature or completing tests and assignments. It is a real live, interactive mentorship with
immediate practical application.

From day 1 you will be applying concepts to yourself, your athletes and your business.
The content is based on theory, best practice, 20 years of coaching experience, 15 years of
business experience and 10 years of powerlifting specific experience.

Coaching Positions with Barbell & Beyond

At the end of this mentorship my coaching company, Barbell and Beyond will be hiring a new
coach or new coaches.
- For the 2025 hiring, this coach needs to be NZ based. Show us your interest, dedication
and commitment now.
- For the 2026 hiring, we will look to expand for an internationally based coach.

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