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Emma Dixon

Qualifications & Experience

  • Level 4 & 5 New Zealand Certificate in Exercise

  • Sports Nutrition (Sport Nutrition Association - in progress)

  • Full time Personal Trainer / Online Coach

  • Competitive Powerlifter / Power builder


  • Started her own business age 20

  • Self-coached& programmed to her first Powerlifting competition

Special Interests

  • Sport Nutrition

  • Lifestyle & Competitive Lifting

  • Power Building & Body Re-Composition

  • Instagram



IG: @emma_barbellandbeyond   



"I chose Emma because I was wanting to explore the possibility of Powerlifting and I was recommended her by another trainer. Emma has helped me a lot and I’m now on a great programme to help achieve my goals. 


Emma is relatable, encouraging and knows my limits better than I do so I always get that extra push when I need it. Her online coaching is comprehensive. Emma puts a-lot of thought and effort into everything she does and her communication. 10/10 would recommend."

 - Niki Foxx - 

"I originally chose Emma as Personal Trainer as I wanted to learn how to properly deadlift and bench (obviously going to chose the best). Emma has not only done that, but I was extremely happy she also help me improve my squat and provided me with excellent programming. I decided to stay with Emma long term via her online coaching.


There was no doubt in deciding to continue on with Emma; she is incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely such a kind person. I feel like I’m in my element with Emma and 100% supported.

Emma pushes me to grow and expand and that’s exactly what I value.


Overall 10/10 - couldn’t be happier with my decision to onboard with Emma as a client "

 - Catherine Rickerby - 

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