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Carli Dillen 

Qualifications & Experience

  • BSc Hons Sport & Exercise Science, Physiology

  • Dissertation in Movement Neuroscience

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Certified


  • Strength & Conditioning Coach 15+ Years

  • Gym Owner 10+ Years

  • Powerlifting Coach 9+ Years


  • 5 IPF Powerlifting World Championships (2015-2022)

  • IPF Powerlifting Bronze Medalist - Deadlift

  • Asia-Pacific, Oceania & NZ Powerlifting Champion

  • Coached 100's of athletes to achieve their goals, including 3 to IPF World Championships & 2 medals

  • NZPF Record Holder

  • 3x ITF Taekwon-Do World Champion

Special Interests

  • Elite performance

  • Pregnancy & postpartum

  • Mental health

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  • Instagram

My Story

Carli has over 14 years of Strength & Conditioning coaching experience, working with athletes across a wide range of sports, from swimming, tennis to dance and BMX. Since 2016 she has  specialised in Powerlifting and strength sports coaching both in person and online. 


She has represented NZ for over 20 years at the highest level of sport, competing in 9 World Championships. She has 3 world titles in Taekwon-Do and won a bronze medal for deadlift at the 2017 IPF Powerlifting World Champs. She is the current Oceania and Asia Pacific -63kg champion and NZ squat record holder. 


Carli sees strength training as being a truly transformative process for both the body and mind and is passionate about helping people becoming stronger mentally and physically. She loves helping people prepare for competitions, but her main goal is to help people gain the benefits of strength training for the more important ‘event’ of life itself. 


In her early 20’s Carli suffered catastrophic injuries and has to date had 6 major orthopedic surgeries including both legs, her knee and ankle. Strength training, including CrossFit and Powerlifting were her rehabilitation that brought her back to a pain free and high quality of life. 


When Carli became a mum to a gorgeous baby boy it inspired her to complete every pre and post natal qualification known to humankind. She is passionate about helping women with their training across the different seasons and challenges of their life span. 


She is also nutrition coach certified and has an impressive list of continued education qualifications and work experience, which includes owning 3 gyms across 10 years. 


Carli strongly believes in person centered coaching. Working with her feels like talking to someone with a tonne of experience and knowledge, who truly cares about you, understands your goals and requirements and always has your best interest in mind.  



IG: @carli_barbellandbeyond   

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“I cannot express how fantastic training under Carli is for my teenage daughter. I am so impressed by her knowledge, generosity and genuine care of "the whole package" of well being both mentally and physically. She is an amazing role model, trainer, coach and athlete"

- Biddy


"Since Carli has been my Coach I have gained and learnt so much both mentally and physically. My strength has naturally improved with great programming, but what has been a game changer for me is working through form and technique. I've never been more goal driven then I am now that I have found the right coach for me, we work well together, she makes me work smarter! I highly recommend Carli as a Coach / Mentor"

- Kelly


"I have been training with Carli for strength and Powerlifting. The amount of kindness and generosity that is put towards everyone is truly phenomenal; there is so much care for well being physically and mentally. The changes I can see already are outstanding and I can't wait to see more progress later on down the track."

- Maiya



“Carli has been my online coach for about 8 months now. I started with just a one-off training program, running through it solo, but realised how much more I could achieve with regular check-ins after being exposed to Carli's amazing knowledge and how she made sure I was in the best position to succeed in whatever I wanted to do." 

"Living in Hamilton, in-person coaching was never going to be an option. But regular check-ins via email and discussing more in-depth topics on zoom when needed has meant there really is no NEED to be in person. She communicates openly and frequently, and all online apps are easy to use. Couldn't recommend Carli enough for training and/or nutrition support.” 

"I train with Carli in person and do nutrition sessions online. It's super easy and just as personal as meeting in real life.Carli tailors the nutrition approach to your particular needs and for me, we ran a macro tracking approach.” 

“I was 5 weeks postpartum when I reached out to Carli to start getting a rehab plan together. Since we lived in different cities, Carli offered me the opportunity to do some online training with her to ensure my form and technique was correct. I knew Carli had an abundance of postpartum rehab knowledge as well as first hand experience and was therefore the best person for this so there was no question about it." 

"I gained just as much information, knowledge and guidance through our online sessions as I would have in person and it was such an easy and straightforward process. Since I had a toddler and a new baby I was somewhat restricted and leaving the house wasn't so straightforward anymore which is what made Carli's online sessions even more appealing...I didn't have to leave my house! 

Technology is amazing!” 
“To anyone considering training online with Carli Dillen... you’re in for a treat!  

This is a woman who is tech savvy and has enormous experience of training people on line via Zoom and or by Loom.  For those of you don't know, Carli trains athletes all over the country online, either by doing 2021 videos of their exercises and sending them in for comment or by Carli using Zoom.  So this woman has it all sorted out so you can train and keep fit.  

If you are wanting to get your exercise in, just place your computer in the right location in your house so she can see you do the movements required, if the place is not quite right she will tell you to move the camera so she can see more or less of you. The rest is easy, get dressed for the gym, grab your water bottle, put all your equipment within your reach of where you will train and go online." 

"Don't worry about whether you think you look awful on camera, or how messy your house is, Carli doesn't care about those things - What she cares about is your health and wellbeing.  Just in case you’re thinking you will put a virtual background up, that doesn’t work as Carli has to see you move.  The session will begin and Carli will talk you through your fitness regime and watch that you are moving correctly as if she is in the gym with you.  It's really ever so simple and nothing to worry about." 

"And for nutrition training, its similar Carli will talk you through good nutrition, what you need to look for and if you opt in for a personal nutrition plan, you will be sent an excel spreadsheet to complete each day and at the end of the week there is a check in which is either done by you sending in a little Loom video and getting a Loom video response from Carli or on Zoom.  Easy peasy.  What have you got to lose?”

- Anonymous

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