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Here are resources that we use to prepare our athletes for competitions from novice up to the world stage.


Note. These resources are aimed specifically at athletes competing in IPF-affiliated powerlifting federations. While much of the content will generalise to other powerlifting federations and even to other strength sports, please check with a coach experienced in your federation on what the specific regulations are for competition.

Contained are:

  • Competition Guide

A comprehensive walk through the process of mentally and practically preparing for competition. This will help you best make use of the other resources.


  • Competition Plan

This is a must-have for planning your path to competition success. The format has been refined over our years of coaching to be intuitive and useful for making the right decision attempts and having all the necessary details at hand. This comes in spreadsheet (excel download with google sheets link) and printable format. The spreadsheet has built-in 1RM calculators and Totals trackers and is formatted for mobile viewing.


  • Competition Handbook

An on-hand resource checklist for what needs to happen when throughout the days before and on the day of competition. Within the download are a printable pdf version and a link in the comp plan spreadsheet to an indexed google docs version for easy navigation.


  • Competition Recap

Just as important as what happens on the day of competition is what you take away from it and how that influences you moving forward. This is contained within the same spreadsheet as the competition plan. We use this with our athletes to record their experiences, thoughts, and lessons post each competition to be referred back to in preparation for future competitions.


If you have questions about these resources or would like to be walked through the competition process by an experienced coach, please do not hesitate to contact us via this website or email


Competition Resource Package

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