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Nick Tukiri

Nick Tukiri
BHSC Physiotherapy

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My Story

Nick is a highly experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. He has worked with thousands of patients of all backgrounds, ages, sporting codes and physiotherapy needs.

Nick has a special interest in working with athletes and has been head physio for numerous representative rugby and netball teams. In addition to this, Nick has also worked with some of the world's top powerlifters competing on the international stage and understands the demand placed on these athletes' bodies.

Nick has grown up surrounded by sport and competition playing both rugby and cricket at high levels. This, alongside his desire to help athletes achieve their optimal potential, is the driving force for why Nick does what he does. Injuries unfortunately are a part of the athletic world, however, Nick believes that through proper guidance and effective rehabilitation strategies, anyone can return to their best.

Nick's approach is one that is personable and allows the client to feel heard and listened to. He combines his clinical experience with a strong evidence-based approach to deliver a

service unique and tailored to the individual and their goals.


"I worked with Nick Turiki for just over a year before his move to London. I saw him for a hip flexor/psoas issue that I had with squatting, an upper back issue that I had with the bench press and various other niggles along the way.


I really appreciated his approach to my rehab. It included manual therapy, helpful stretches, activation and strengthening exercises and most importantly he tailored my rehab to my powerlifting training. Rather than pulling away from movements, he would adjust them, and I found I was able to maintain or even gain strength while rehabbing.


He is easy going and very approachable. I would highly recommend him to any person with a musculoskeletal issue, but I particularly recommend him for those in strength training whether it be a beginner to an elite athlete. To this day I still implement things Nick has taught me and I haven’t had any of those initial issues bother me again."

- Karlina Tongotea: Current -76kg National Champion NZ squat, bench, deadlift & total record holder NZPF WPC National, Oceania, World Champion.


"I first worked with Nick Tukiri when I had bulged a disc in my back. The original injury had happened 5 years prior from a dancing accident and I had seen other physios but was always told to err on the side of caution (i.e. stop) and I never felt that I had regained the strength in my back. After re-bulging my disc, I decided to try a new physio and began working with Nick. His approach to my rehab was completely different to anything else I had experienced. Rather than telling me to stop everything, he catered my exercises towards regaining the strength in my back and then developing this strength further so as to mitigate reinjury. I still incorporate these exercises into my weekly routine and have not only felt stronger, but also more confident while training.


A few months later I tore my meniscus and so started working with Nick again. I expressed my desire to get back to running and strength training and he was able to take that into consideration within my rehab plan. I saw Nick for my knee both pre- and post- my meniscal surgery. His emphasis was on building as much strength as possible before my surgery so that I wouldn’t be starting from zero when I was able to start exercising again.


After my surgery, he helped me isolate specific muscles that needed strengthening and also helped me get my general strength back. I have had knee issues for the majority of my life, and with his help and advice, I have now beat my prior personal records in both lifting and running. I think the difference is that Nick looks beyond the 6 or 10 weeks of physio sessions. It isn’t just about rehab but strengthening so that you are able to make your goals and avoid reinjury in the process."

- Michaela: Barbell and Beyond Athlete

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