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Your First Powerlifting Meet

Emma Dixon

2 Oct 2022

12 Things You Should Know For Your First Powerlifting Meet

You’ve signed up for your first powerlifting meet and are unsure what to expect.

Here are a few important things to consider:

  1. Create a list of the equipment/gear you will be using prior to comp day. There is nothing worse than showing up to compete and you’ve forgotten something! Also make sure your gear meets competition requirements.

  2. Make time to find your rack height for your squat and bench. If you go to set up for your attempt and the rack height isn’t quite right, quickly ask it to be adjusted!

  3. Do not cut weight for your first meet. Just stick to your weight class for now.

  4. Keep everything the same. Don’t go trying a different pair of squat shoes or a new food/supplement that you aren't familiar with.

  5. Know when and where your weigh-in is. 

  6. Add an extra 15 mins to your usual warm up routine, at least 30 minutes before you are meant to be on. Practice the commands in your last few warm ups.

  7. Choose openers that you could get around 3 reps of or 90-93% of your 1RM. By going slightly lighter it can help your confidence levels and set you up for a better 2nd attempt. Your 2nd attempt should challenge you but show you still have some left in the tank for your third attempt. Your 3rd attempt you should judge off your 2nd attempt to help build the biggest total.

  8. Squat Commands. Squat & Rack. Once you have unracked your bar and show you are in control and knees are locked, you will hear “Squat”. After you have successfully got to the top and are in control of the bar, you get the “Rack” command.

  9. Bench Commands. Start, Press, Rack. Start is said when you have unracked, bar is controlled with elbows locked out. Once the bar is stationary on your chest you are given the “Press” command. Once you are controlled at the top and arms are locked, you get the “rack” command.

  10. Deadlift Command. Down. Once you have pulled your deadlift and locked out at the top, you will hear the “Down” Command. Control the bar all the way to the ground.

  11. Review your day, see what went well and what didn’t to see what you can do for your next comp! 

  12. Most important for the day, have fun!

I hope you found the above list helpful. All the best for your upcoming meet!

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