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First Intake Starting:  3rd June 2024

*Spaces are strictly limited


Duration: 6 Months

In depth Powerlifting + Business coaching



13 Fortnightly Mentoring Meetings (Live + Recorded)

26 Weekly task with accountability (actionably tasks for both coaching & business skills)

Ongoing troubleshooting, sound boarding & support (via mails, messages, calls)


Guest Speakers;

Luke Selway (full time online coach)

Rochene Hawley (full time business mentor)



1. Complete application form

2. Have interview call with Carli

3. Read / watch foundation material prior to start date

4. 3rd June hit the ground running

5. December 2024, complete Mentorship


Start your 2025 year with all the skills, knowledge & systems to work confidently in person or online or as a Powerlifting Coach, providing a highly quality authentic service to your athletes, with sustainable, robust business practices.


Continue your Powerlifting Coaching Career with a full understanding of coaching & programming for recreational & competitive powerlifters. Build an enjoyable, sustainable, income generating business.



$4995 investment

Weekly / fortnightly / month payment options available


Show us your commitment:

*For the first 5 successful applicants, receive $1000 discount

(Discount code provided post interview)


Mentorship Completion:

- Certificate of completion

- Ongoing supper as a graduate of the mentorship for your remaining Powerlifting Coaching career

- Eligibility to apply for a coaching position with Barbell and Beyond

The Complete Powerlifting Coaching Mentorship

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